We are experts in surveys of onshore and offshore oil & gas facilities; seabed topographic and geophysical surveys, roads, landslides, landfills. ERC specialises in Hydrographical, Oceanographic and Meteorological applications for our clients and boasts of highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment for its applications. Our capacity extends further to the oil and gas industry, communications sector (subsea cables) as well as underwater infrastructure such as pipelines by performing site assessment surveys for undersea infrastructure, infrastructure monitoring and assessment using MBES and side-scan sonar, and underwater photography.

We focus and work to client’s schedules and specifications while delivering on high quality data and outputs. Our current capabilities are as follows:

  • A. Hydrographical/Bathymetry Survey 
  • B. Dual frequency single beam echo-sounding (SBES) surveys
  • C. Multi-beam echo-sounding (MBES) 
  • D. Side-scan sonar with obstacle detection and bottom classification 
  • E. Sediment Dynamics & Marine Geophysics (sub-bottom profiling, magnetometry)
  • F. Sediment traction and movement analysis
  • G. Suspended sediment load profiling in water 
  • H. Underwater photography
  • I. Intrusive ground investigation of marine sediment/Geotechnical Studies, including: 
    • I.i. Grab sampling 
    • I.ii. Vibrocoring 
    • I.iii. Geological analysis of bottom samples 
  • J. MetOcean Studies 
    • J.i. Wave dynamics 
    • J.ii. Current dynamics 
    • J.iii. Tidal analysis and water level 
    • J.iv. Wind and marine meteorological conditions (including relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, precipitation, insolation) 
  • K. Shoreline Dynamics 
    • K.i. Shoreline survey, characterisation 
    • K.ii. Shoreline morphodynamics 
    • K.iii. Shoreline management including structure planning and monitoring. 

ERC has strong experience and capacity for offshore and coastal ecological studies including macrobenthic faunal studies, fisheries, coastal and shorebirds, coastal flora and mangroves, onshore biodiversity and ecological impact investigations. 


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