ERC facilitates client's short-term and long-term capacity building on key aspects of environmental and social governance. Our training and capacity development increase client’s ability to identify and solve own problems and risks, and to maximise their operational opportunities. We mobilise, strengthen and develop human and institutional capacity on a case-by-case basis. 

Our capacity development focuses on individuals and corporate organisations to strengthen their ability to address environmental issues and natural capital sustainability. Our training programmes support the achievement of environmental sustainability of corporate organisations. 

Our capacity development focuses on environment and social governance issues in line with international best practices for industries such as oil & gas, mining, agriculture, manufacturing, maritime and transportation. 

Our signature capacity development framework ensures identification of key capacities that can be strengthened in order to achieve specific environmental sustainability goals of our corporate clients. This includes functional capacities needed to undertake the core functions involved in implementing the environmental and social governance goals of the Client’s company.


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