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To be a recognised choice for environmental research and consulting services in Africa.

Our responsibility is to know our clients, know their needs, and know how best to meet those needs in a cost-effective way.

We believe that personal and professional integrity is the foundation of trust. Our conduct will always reflect a personal commitment to the highest ethical standards

Who We Are !

We are a multi-disciplinary environmental planning consultant and laboratory testing firm providing innovative solutions and services to our clients in the oil and gas, mining, agriculture, transportation, construction and manufacturing industries with high quality bespoke results on schedule and meeting budgetary requirements creating a shared value beyond compliance.

Continuous improvement of our quality Management System (QMS) and processes meet and exceed expectations of customers’ requirements and aspirations.

Core Competence

Envaserv Research Consult is an established environmental consulting and research firm providing cost-effective services in the areas of Environmental & Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) & planning, Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Environmental Auditing, Preliminary Environmental Reports, Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS), Environmental Monitoring & Baseline Studies (for all forms of water systems, effluent, sediment quality, soil fertility & contamination, coastal biodiversity, stack emissions, ambient air quality, noise and vibration); hydrographic and metocean studies, offshore geophysical and geotechnical studies; and laboratory testing services [different types of water (e.g. seawater, potable, effluent, produced, superficial, supernatant), hydrocarbon fluids (e.g. oil & gas, condensate, gasoline, diesel oil), fertilizer (i.e. liquid, granules, solids, power), soil and sediment, plant tissue, asbestos, solid waste (e.g., proximate & ultimate analysis), construction and building material testing etc.], and environmental training consultancy. We can also conduct customized tests, depending upon Clients’ specific needs. We can boast of an ultramodern laboratory facility with cutting-edge equipment for both onsite and offsite analyses.

Our Philosophy

We work by integrating engineering, science, and planning to provide environmental services and solutions (testing and advising). We operate on the business principle that client service and satisfaction comes first and foremost. This goal is achieved through a simple formula of personal commitment of highly qualified, experienced professionals; plus the corporate commitment of consistently providing the highest quality services within budget, on schedule and in a safe environment.

Our modus operandi for environmental consultancy and planning services is an iterative one, with Envaserv Research Consult coming into the project cycle at the inception stage. We then conduct a desktop study into the project, mainly made up of research in publications, academic journals, technical papers, grey literature, previous documents into similar or related developments, and intensive consultations with stakeholders, interested and affected parties so as to identify the key issues pertaining to the undertaking.

We then communicate this to the technical and economic analysis teams to assess and identifies the best ways to implement the project. In line with the respective country’s environmental policies of the project setting, which often aimed at achieving sustainable development, we then seek to work together with proponents of the Undertakings to come to the most ‘environmentally friendly’ and ‘cost-effective’ way of achieving the developmental objectives.

Our credibility lies in our strict adherence to Quality Control Procedures per our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 17025:2017, and our team of efficient & well-trained technicians/analysts who are well equipped with the most sophisticated & versatile analytical instruments, to test a wide variety of environmental media.

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